Hurt a Covid19 reflection

2020 saw a pandemic development Covid19 and in my attempt at grasping what was happening to humanity.

I created Hurt as a response to my understanding of what is happening 

It has been an unprecedented year to all of us from all walks of life, culture and religion. We found ourselves with no referential behaviour, no manner of defence and worst of all no known method of coping. Some government went at it better than others and sacrificed the economy to survival.

In art it was as devastating as for any other sector of life but as for yourself I have managed to adapt and survive. I have tried to stay away of drama as much as I could in my production but I am not in denial and my works have been touched. Hurt is the expression of my quest to understand the inexplicable .  

Having artworks on our walls that pleases us give us hope, joy and the possibility to dream which is important for our equilibrium. I invite you to visit my pages and dream.

Hurt has been exhibited at Out of the Margins Gallery in Fortitude Vally in September and now is at Reason Gallery in Sandgate , Queensland. Hurt is a watercolour original work in the expressionist style 50cmX150cm on cotton rag paper.  

You can contact me and make me an offer 2020 has taught me to be flexible.   

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