21st Century Still-Life exhibition

November 2sd to December 4th 2021

Hub Gallery, Caboolture Regional Gallery Queensland

21st Century Still Life started as a dare amongst friends in 2018. Because still-life is diametrically opposite to Daniele’s gestural figurative expressionist style, the exercise proved to be a challenge.

Daniele calls the style change a “visual oxymoron”. Her quest has been slow, preparing her solo show S A S S Y in 2019 at the Old Fire Station Gallery, but she kept at it and developed a still-life style that encourages serious consideration.

Through a combination of moving image impression analysis, new wave fusion cooking trends and her own touch, Daniele aims to revitalise the still-life genre and redefine it for 21st Century visual reality.

Come and enjoy this refreshing look at still-life. Daniele’s signature vibrant palette will seduce you and with titles such as “Adam and Eve in Conversation” it is an exhibition that will definitively be enjoyed.

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