Art Competition

Naked Nude /Manning Regional Art Gallery New South Whales, Australia

Strategy for entering the right competition:

1-Check out if it is nation wide or state wide and think about your cost to send the artwork and get it back .

2-See if you have what they are looking for in this case naked body and visit if possible the previous exhibitions.

3-Check if your medium of choice is accepted and if the size of your artwork fit into their criteria. See to the hanging requirements some galleries are fr from being open and flexible.

4-See if the main prize amount etc cover your artwork price and if it is acquisitive or not.

5-then check who is /are the judge/s and the gallery, this is happening in a regional gallery I have exhibited in several I am "good".

I choose HURT as my nude for this Naked Nude competition. The judged is  Wendy Sharpe an Australian figurative expressionist painter that I follow on Instagram and lives in the same city as I do. In Australia competition of that sort are the main gauge for art reference.  

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