Artists reading Life Models bodies

Artist reading body.  I suspect there is a strange twist in the life of this person hiding behind her hair just letting her body being read by the artists.  

Your body posture is like a canvas, reflecting your inner thoughts and emotions to the world and in this instance to the artist drawing you.

Just like a masterpiece painting, for an artist your body  tells a story without uttering a single word and that is probably why drawing studio are so silent.  

Remember, the sensitive and perceptive artist not only read the lines of your body but  need your story your innermost self for the lines to take life. I love drawing its like entering someone's else life for few hours and if you don't manage you know as an artist that your drawing doesn't vibrate .

 Initially a 1 minute Gestural painting with watercolour figurative expressionist style by Daniele L-Sarvia

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