Drawing Drawing Drawing

Ok 'peche mignon' I love drawing and adore life model drawing. I love gestural drawing which means quick 30 seconds to few minutes. No time to think, you have to capture eye to arm to hand to paper rhythm of the movement is the essence , the animal, the sensual and if you are lucky the emotions.

myself of course but to top it all it was by far a model that i don't feel or get emotionally, I can't sense /feel this person of course a good model but we can't have affinities with everyone and life has been teaching me often that I have to make in those cases an effort ...so I did.  

This is a young body that seems to have seen lots of trauma somehow, gorgeous lustrous hair and sensational brown colour, pretty , smiling , pleasant young person with a very cute small breast with a pale nipple. She has everything to make it easy to create a gorgeous painting and I failed her. Let us say  that I was still too tired from Covid and I didn't cope adequately. I will do better next time!

But voila!  this was a 3 hrs pose...  OMG what am I to do on top of it the model was squashed against a wall and they were columns to go around!!!  I did enjoy

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