Exhibiting is like being naked while the others are not

Last year procedure for my exhibitionI based on 3 criteria:

1- a rating system rom 1 to 5 , 5 being the most desirable.

2- I had a curator and a visual artist doing this evaluation separately, a man and a woman in order to be representative .

3- I eliminated anything that did not rate 4 or 5.

Astonishingly the same artworks were evaluated with the same mark by both participants. Similarly the statistics on Instagram indicate that my artworks are appreciated equally by both men and women. I am very proud of this achievement .

Instagram indicates that 80% of the 155 'followers' are from Brisbane, Queensland. This is what I set myself to achieve finding a local clientele.

Result, 440 people in 22 days came to have a look at my artworks. Thank you Brisbane.

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