Memory ...Sydney airport pink teddy bear in hand no child around they went ahead of me it's about 8 am I walk nonchalantly smiles all around me and the smell of coffee.
Yes I am using my left hand to draw that is sort of easy but to paint its more difficult but its getting good!
I am on a forced rest as my right hand future's is seriously jeopardised. So let me use  my left one! Here is a left drawing for you.  First sketch for Denis. 
Out of Action
 Inflammation of the 3 tendons linking the thumb to the arm. So I took courage and got an injection OUCH! But it worked after a week I am much better but still can't do too much. 
Not quite there yet
I worked and worked . Thought and thought but its not what I want so I might to do it over. Happy Easter 
Second part of the new project RENE sketches
As children we have to live with our parent's life event... one of them was the change of husband. RENE entered our lives late 1960's . It was a very dark time for my mother and I. But RENE was a breath...
In full bloom
My decision to enter an open studio with guidance was excellent. I am GROWING fast . I have two new products and I am thinking of finding a gallery to do a solo show again. 2023 is feeling great.
Rejection Abandon ...watercolour painting
The search is on its way and this is the second image created. Watercolour original sketch the essence is there, I have to decide of the size and work on the structure. Figurative expressionism at its best! about 45X45cm
Evolving is always exciting!
New body of work!
New body of works
Taking a decision about what to work on for the next 6 months or 2 years is a big commitment. As usual it will be on paper with watercolour and in figurative expressionist style.  Children living adopted, adoptees, adopters they...
adoptees conversation
Watercolour sketch Adoptee I am going a little backward as if I had missed something back in my infancy I am looking for something regarding that door...yes abandonment 
Sold in December
Each year end I sell a good artwork or two. This year it was one of my very first artwork that went. Pencil drawing, watercolour painting and graphite. Art on Paper Figurative expressionism.
Sumo cliche
I find very difficult to work from videos and photos but I am not about to fly to Japan unfortunately. So I do sketches but often the material is sort of stereo typed already so I am recomposing using different...
2023 wrestling passion
Sumo mania, Japanese wrestling in mind and big sexy wrestlers.
Contact sport Rugby
Contact sport art , quite a change of subject and colour scheme but still a social commentary, plus it is a chance to use my figurative expressionism style and gestural drawing capacity and I am enjoying myself tremendously. Naturally I know nothing...
Art Talk in ALONDRA Residence
We had a lovely afternoon and art talk about the evolution of seeing and artists challenges. Between Myubridge animation sort of photography of the early 1900 and drone photography of 2022 and all the art movements evolving politically and visually...
End of year reflection
I am proud of this year production even if I have been distracted by creating this small body of works about moi! It was interesting to test my unique figurative expressionist style to express my life experience through six decades. My...
Contact sport
Australia is about rugby and what is more a contact sport than rugby! I am doing a lot of super quick gestural drawings just to immerse into the moves. I have started to immerse myself into images of rugby men...
Art and creation
It will be my 68th bDay this coming month and like the lady in the sketch I am feeling tired and in need of a relaxation. I am also in need of movement in terms of less static artworks so...
Sold Sold Sold
It is always a great joy when one of my artworks find a new home. Figurative expressionism still life.
National Gran Slam book cover
I am now running two projects at the time! But one has a dead line so I have to prioritise. Choosing the colours for the book cover  it's good fun. Part of the Seniors Month activities.