Fresh drawings
She "Miss Mitsou" is sitting on a pile of fresh original drawings, some are still wet. Now I am not aware of a new style called dog input but I might be in luck!  Figurative impressionism improved by dog royalty....
Life drawing composition
Resuming my life drawing activities is so exciting. There is my first original drawing composition figurative expressionist style since the operation of my hand. Graphite, ink and pastels. Regaining my dexterity big time. New original artworks 2023!
First painting since July
I am so happy to have now the capacity to paint again. Figurative expressionism portrait artwork of a young man who is also an artist. Watercolour on arches paper not yet finished.
Starting to work again
How exciting , I am able to work again after months of worries about my dexterity. more creations soon more of my figurative expressionism artworks with a new muse. 
Tempura colours home made
Nearly 6 weeks now since the operation of my hand. I am doing very well and still have to do physio and be careful until Christmas. Will I survive? Home made  tempura colours making!!! Someone gave me some fabulous pigment powder and I...
Mending hand
Still life figurative expressionist style.   In my fourth week of mending this hand and I feel like working. It has been a long journey but it is fixed and rehabilitation is on its way.  News flash! Getting prepared for...
De Quervain
Let's be the artists I am! Soon as in four more weeks I will start to paint again. Meanwhile I do my recovery exercises. I am careful.
Drawing drawing drawing!
Simple b/w line drawing about paternal love.
Multicultural marriage
Ok, I am originally French -Canadian, the father is Indian- Kenyan. We then proceeded to immigrate a few times and along the way got our daughter which is Indian- Australian.   The wedding ceremony this last week was Indian taking...
Gestural portrait
Gestural portrait in ink, figurative expressionism.
Black and white drawing
Having fun and relaxing with some drawings. Figurative expressionist style on Arches paper
Automatisme with my favourite model
Having fun with line drawing and automatism. My dyslexia kicked in without letting me know and its a graphic art piece always in my figurative expressionist style . With my favourite model. Life is good!
The joy of working with a good male model is fantastic. For years I have been drawing females which is great but an equilibrium is also good. Gestural figurative expressionism art drawings. 
Drawing drawing drawing
Revisiting an old love of mine  illustration.  I have no intentions to go backward but when a tutor has such a different angle one might consider having an open mind and be welling to experience new inputs. Illustration, perception, contour...
Life model drawing
Finally I have found a decent male model with good muscle definition and who knows his body and negative space! New project on its way! Gestural figurative expressionism drawing original artworks.
Teddy Bear
Other phase ending. Teddy Bear identification figurative expressionism watercolour original artwork.
Paper doll
For my final piece from Open Studio I have done an articulated 1 meter tall paper doll in my usual style figurative expressionist.  It was exhibited last Friday with few more pieces from this small body of works Abandon Adoption...
Teddy bear identification
Teddy bear identification into this painful journey ending on a positive note. Original artworks, watercolour paintings.
end of semester at Brisbane Institute of arts and we are having a little show come along opening Friday June 23 a t 6 pm entry fee applies 41 Grafton St Windsor Qld ample parking at the rear. 23 rd...
Yes I am using my left hand to draw that is sort of easy but to paint its more difficult but its getting good!
Not quite there yet
I worked and worked . Thought and thought but its not what I want so I might to do it over. Happy Easter