Expressionist painting a still life...
Une nature morte espressioniste qui est vivante et petillante. When one is experimenting for her theme of still life painting everything is possible. Pita with a major hole and capsicum looks so delicious in this photograph I might start sketching...
Zero absorption
Often I use water-soluble graphite and use it to transfer images from paper to paper or else. Some papers have funny reactions once wet because of ZERO absorption capacity but allows the mot fantastic images . Then I play completing...
New art space
Ten days dull as, ten days where darkness invaded my studio.  Also ten days of waiting for the confirmation of the sale of my place. Ten long days of uncertainty and anguish. Ten days of continuous change of plans to end...

Haunted is an expressionist watercolour, like a stab in the dark the Covid19 vaccine contains fear as well as hopes.

Second artwork selected for an award in less than 3 months
It is with joy and a certain pride that I announce that a second artwork being selected for an award in less than 3 months. Winter Dish expressionist still life has been selected to be in the Moreton Bay Art Award a yearly...
Vaccination for the world or some? Who is more important and why should they get the vaccine first? Covid for all!
Life Drawing from rock painting to moving image
All we create and build for our use is in proportion to our life, hence it is absolutely natural to do life drawing as it gives us our measure in art. Plus it gives a great understanding of movement and space. Marcel...
Exhibiting is like being naked while the others are not

Last year procedure for my exhibitionI based on 3 criteria led to over 400 art lovers visitors.

Summer in Moreton Bay, Australia
Dripping sweat over a painting seems unfair when everybody is on holidays.
Message from the past

Artwork and collector through space and time.

Fantastic message from a collector in Canada.

Nov 2019 solo exhibition was overwhelmingly well received . Over 400 visitors in the space of 25  days. Thank you all for the support and the beautiful comments.