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Hi  I had the opening for SHINE LOUD exhibition last Saturday and it was fantastic. Check out my posts on mental health on my Instagram account just type lamarchesarvia  and you will find all the latests sketches info etc. Figurative expressionism...
Two major events for me artistically, I got selected by an online gallery in Sydney to be represented by them The Whitfield Collection and finally this group show SHINE LOUD in Brisbane is now happening in August...and the year is not over!...
Dyslexia a neurological disfunction or talent
August 6th 2022, from 2 to 4 pm is the official opening of SHINE LOUD a small group exhibition of people like me who are so called "different" . Art From The Margins Gallery 136 Brunswick st Fortitude Valley, in...
Exhibitions and new presence online
July and August are very busy suddenly two shows one online in Paddington Aspire Gallery large size artworks and one is a group show in Art from The Margins Gallery Fortitude  Valley  and not to forget a new presence on an online...
Homage to William Blake and the Divine Comedy . Pour le plaisir des yeux. Figurative expressionism with a conscience. Watercolour painting
Not very enthusiastic  about anything I went to the art meeting on Wednesday happy nevertheless to see my art and collogue friends. I was challenged to create a masterpiece by getting inspired by one of the great masters. I choose a sketch...
Adversity side effects
  Adversity have two effects: 1- depression and  2-stronger determination. Each time I can see we are taking as a collective more time to get back up to start again and I am no different. So I am taking it easy...
Brisbane floods
Black and white drawing figurative expressionist  style.
Life Drawing
Last Wednesday I went for the first time since the pandemic to a face to face life drawing session. How exciting! What a pleasure after 2 years of drawing online. Two models were advertised for this event and I was...
A curator's visit
Deborah Reich art curator and good friend visited me this afternoon and looked at this work in progress. Self portrait figurative expressionism style 
Life Drawing
3 Dimension to 2 dimension via a camera drawing and down on a sheet of paper
It's on its way...exhibition November 4th to December 6th 2021

Watercolour figurative expressionist still life paintings will be exhibited at the Hub Gallery Caboolture Regional Art Gallery

November 4th to December 6th 2021

Art is a matter of personal view.
“Visual Oxymoron”
“Visual Oxymoron”... Because still-life is diametrically opposite to Daniele’s gestural figurative expressionist style, the exercise proved to be a challenge. Through a combination of moving image impression analysis, new wave fusion cooking trends and her own touch, Daniele's still-life genre is redefine for the 21st Century visual reality.
Life Model Drawing
I draw regularly from model since 1974 and every body is different. I had phases such as painstakingly hyper figurative to gestural. Personalities transcribed by a single line which tells a story. Reading a model's body, feeling their emotions, being close to their...
The unconscious
I was happily sketching and someone told me why are you angry? I certainly don't feel angry so I looked back at my sketches and I see no anger. Then I am told that my self portrait looks angry! Self...
Online drawing from Sydney in Brisbane
Sydney is again in lockdown so I did online drawing with Frank and the gang from Last Peak Life Drawing. The theme Stepford Wife with Carly as model.   as usual I do my 30 seconds line drawing and few days...
Art Competition
Naked Nude /Manning Regional Art Gallery New South Whales, Australia Strategy for entering the right competition: 1-Check out if it is nation wide or state wide and think about your cost to send the artwork and get it back ....
This expressionist female artist is ready to create
The studio is in working order and I burn to work and dirty those new walls! Bring it on this expressionist female artist is ready to create.
Zero absorption
Often I use water-soluble graphite and use it to transfer images from paper to paper or else. Some papers have funny reactions once wet because of ZERO absorption capacity but allows the mot fantastic images . Then I play completing...

Haunted is an expressionist watercolour, like a stab in the dark the Covid19 vaccine contains fear as well as hopes.