Original Artwork

My style is called "figurative expressionism". All artworks are original watercolours on cotton rag paper. In 2018, I had a grant from Queensland Art to do a six months research on paper grounds and paper preservation.

From then on I started to use systematically the paper ground as an abstract gestural primer. This primer I create myself and use it either dry or wet directly on the paper. This first layer creates a coating before starting to paint adding transparencies and depth to my composition. To my knowledge I am the only watercolour painter using paper ground for watercolour. 

With investment in mind, the life expectancy of watercolour as a medium is equal to oil paint as it is pure pigment as opposed to acrylic. The life span of paper as support has been established by archaeologists who have found some parchment in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. The durability of art on paper and the paper itself is equal to an equal quality canvas.