Breakfast in Bed
breakfast in bed, fine art, watercolour painting,
Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

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Naive and lively original artwork is a true figurative expressionist painting and part of my still life research. My latest visual essay in still life in true figurative expressionist style. 

Watercolour is used here with pointillism technic that I have been using since my days in art school. I love to put two or more technics mix together it allows a sensitivity to the visual that you don't get otherwise. 

As usual I have created an abstract layer using paper ground offering some improvisation before I even started the colours. Artwork created in minimum 3 layers, each work takes me an average of 1 month.

Art work size: 45cmX60cm  For the American market this is 18 inches by 23.5 

Medium: watercolour on cotton rag paper 200gsm, frayed edges  created in August 2020 and its the pandemic we are all in different degrees of isolation .

Price $900AU

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