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Soft, quiet moment of love in an unique figurative expressionist panting which reveals its strength in a synergy of emotions .The the dyslexia which played its game as you can see two women holding this baby . It often comes as a surprise its not planned it just happens and I am learning to live with it and to let it happen more and more. 

Neena is 3rd generation of adopted baby girl in my lineage, the narrative about mother and child here is about unconditional love and the gift of life. The pluralism is expressed via the gold jewellery and the fabrics, the background is worked with brass metallic paint. 

Materials: watercolour /collage. On two sorts of cotton rag papers a textured one and cold press smooth one.

Dimensions :80X60 cm 

This artwork is Museum mounted for your convenience you just have to choose your frame to suit your home decor. Year 2017 

$1900 AU. 

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