pandemic figurative expressionism watercolour painting
pandemic, figurative expressionism watercolour painting
figurative expressionism watercolour painting on Covid19

Planetary Genocide

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One year+ into Covid19 pandemic and humanity is still struggling. This figurative expressionist watercolour painting is surging out of my subconscious. The symbolism is vivid. We have crucified humanity .

Often I have not form any specific thought in my head about what I am working on but it appears visually in my art. Vygotsky theory must be right image come before thought. The impact of Covid19 , the lack of care about our host planet earth , the nonsensical economic political philosophy all point to a reckless management of ourselves and our environment.

This is in the a surprisingly strong work, I had not set for such statement but being artist means often being honest.

On cotton rag paper , watercolour mix media. Frayed edge can be under a mat or floating which adds dimension . 

80X60cm it is not mounted so it can come to you in a tube. For the American market 31.5 inches by 23.5 

 $1900AU Includes transport and insurance