The Wardrobe Cat
The Wardrobe Cat
The Wardrobe Cat
The Wardrobe Cat

The Wardrobe Cat

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Inquisitive, curious the house cat who loves to sleep on your favourite clothes snuggled in your smell is on an expedition. If you have one of those you know what I am talking about.

In Australia its not uncommon to not have built in wardrobe and you have to provide your own hence we have quite a few so called "shabby chic antique wardrobe".

My fancy of having things hanging on a line goes back to the time I was an art student living in a "House for young girls" where I had one of those line to hang my artworks overnight to dry. 

Expressionist, watercolour mix media painting, on cotton rag paper. This artwork is in winter colours and light.

Artwork Size: 50X 37 cm,  year 2020

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