Dream Big Dream Loud
Dream Big Dream Loud
Dream Big Dream Loud

Dream Big Dream Loud

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Dream Big Dream Loud is a powerful watercolour painting featured in Art From The Margins Gallery Brisbane's "Shine Loud" project. Representing a pivotal moment in my personal life, it captures the theme of academic success through contemporary figurative expressionism.
This original artwork, titled "Dreaming Big," is just one example of my accomplishments and will be showcased at the SHINE LOUD EXHIBITION 2022. Let it serve as inspiration for anyone with big dreams. As someone who is dyslexic, my journey has taken me from North America to Mesoamerica, East Africa, Australia, and even South East Asia. The painting's symbolism is profound and could warrant a full artist talk on its own. The clothesline and film continuum featured in the piece are symbolic of my long and winding journey. Don't miss this opportunity to see my figurative expressionism at the SHINE LOUD EXHIBITION 2022 and let this be inspirational for all the divergents of the world. 

Dimensions: 60X80 cm

Material: watercolour painting /collage on cotton rag paper 300gsm Arches 

$1300.00AU                         Museum mounted
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