Golden Child
Golden Child
Golden Child

Golden Child

Regular price $1,800.00

Original artwork, watercolour painting a portrait of mental disability person and the social stigma. Figurative expressionism watercolour painting . This is the portrait of an adult man whom had the chance to be groomed, educated and whom developed a good sense of his abilities. 

300gsm Arche cotton rag paper,  watercolour painting gold leaves collage are native of Australia to sustain the idea of the golden child.
My involvement with Art From The Margins Gallery in Fortitude Valley Brisbane and me talking publicly about my dyslexia is new and it is because I came to realise how prejudiced we are all about mental  capacities and differences called too often  disabilities.

Watercolour on Arches 300gsm cotton rag paper, unframed
size: 50X57cm
price: $1800.00AU including sending and insurance

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