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Youth, climat change, the future and Covid19. The amplitude of our reality is inescapable. Our children have no future and we still are trying to satisfy the unquenchable thirst and greed of an ever demanding  ECONOMY. Committing to do an art piece on Covid19 implied a political statement on my part. Hence, the artist, the anthropologist and the mother that I am hurts.


I fought it, I denied it but the creation demanded me to face the truth.

So I hurt. It hurts my children’s future, the planet’s future.

Our political systems are wrong for humanity. 

Our demands on ourselves and on our children are unreasonable. 

Our blindness is killing us, killing our children and the future. 

Unique artwork watercolour mix media, on cotton rag paper  

Artwork Size: 150X50cm,   year 2020

Signed at the front

This piece is being exhibited in Fortitude Valley as part of Art from the Margins Award and I haven't had time to take a proper photograph of it! You can see the making of the triptych on the video below. 


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