"Je Djinn"
"Je Djinn"

"Je Djinn"

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Indulge in a journey through mystical fantasies, full of wonder, magic, and the elegant enchantment of Je Djinn. In this East Asian-inspired world, ghosts and phantom ancestors come to life, awakening long-lost mythologies and legends. Immerse yourself in the alluring sensuality of figurative expressionist style and let your mind be captivated by the whimsical powers of the Djinns. Allow yourself to be under their spell and experience the ethereal possibilities that await within you.

There is one version hand painted Limited edition of 4

size: 55X45 cm

This spellbinding figurative expressionist watercolour artwork that entices you to take risks and embrace adventure. Let the magic of the Djinn inspire you in daring ways. 

price: $800AU

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