The Donor
The Donor
The Donor

The Donor

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Sperm and egg banks are on the stock market! Fertility clinics are very popular.  Figurative expressionism watercolour painting at its best. 

Eggs and sperm banks are now working overtime as women choose more and more to freeze their eggs for later in life and face the possibility to be a single parent. The anthropologist in me is working hard here . Part and parcel of a feminine political stance the feminists developments are socially interesting. 

Plus with the sexual diversity couples wanting to have children the need for eggs and/or sperm donors is being a lucrative commodity on the open stock market.

Material: cotton rag paper 250gsm watercolour and gouache 

Size: 100 X57 cm , watercolour on cotton rag paper     year  2019 


Flat pack transport and insurance included.  

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