Daniele's  has just won an Highly Commended Award for the piece Free Fall. The artwork is presently exhibited at Art from the Margins Gallery Fortitude Valley Brisbane, Australia.

Her last Solo Exhibition SASSY was in November  2019 and it was a great success where over 400 visitors came to see and buy art.

Daniele’s formative art years were in Montreal, Quebec, Canada she is a French - Canadian and Australian since 1990. Being from a long lineage of visual artists, art curators, archaeologists and fervent explorers Daniele's second career was in anthropology.

What makes her art so unique is the interplay of watercolour’s fluidity and the spontaneity of the gestural marks of the paper ground she apposes before painting.

Her original visual stories are remarkably distinctive and unique. Her figurative expressionist style is full of unexpected contrasts. Her flamboyant uses of watercolours and unorthodox range of mix media is wild and fits the mood of each visual story she creates and her drawing skills has won her several art awards in the past. 

Distinguished visual artist Daniele has chosen more than 30 years ago to established herself in Australia she has held several solo shows of her various body of works in drawing, sculpture and now painting.  She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions here and throughout the world where ever she lived. She has won prizes, awards, competitions and got several grants and mentions over the years.

Daniele’s best known sculpture is a huge ephemeral fire sculpture set on fire at Wynnum foreshore in 2014 where over 10,000 persons saw the kinetic interplay of her animal shapes dancing in the fire.

Presently two of Daniele's artworks have been shortlisted for the famous Art from the Margins exhibition in Brisbane and her painting Winter Dish has been selected for an exhibition in a regional gallery.