Represented by The Whitfield Collection Gallery Sydney

Quebecoise, French speaker originally from Montreal, Canada, Daniele’s formative art years started at fifteen at the Montreal Museum art school.

Issue from a long lineage of visual artists, wood religious sculptor, art curators, archaeologists and fervent world explorers, Daniele followed her DNA and after graduating in Fine Arts then, Daniele took a degree in Anthropology and travelled the world. Hence her  artworks have an informed and unique narrative. Her passion is seen in her gestural drawings.  Her work are powerful,  spontaneous and free showing her interest in human beings.  

Daniele's figurative expressionist style is full of unexpected contrasts. Her original visual stories are remarkably distinctive, her watercolour palette is flamboyant and her unorthodox uses of watercolours is wild.

She uses Arches paper 300 gsm mostly, sparsely layered with her own composition paper ground and works from all angles as she rotates the paper constantly.

Distinguished emerging visual artist, Daniele has produced several bodies of works in sculpture and paintings. Her first solo exhibition as a painter was in 2019. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout the world where she lived :Montreal, Nairobi, Singapore, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane. 

Fire Sculpture


                                                       Lino cut, 50X40cm

Singapore Tyler Print Institue, Singapore 2006,