The artist offers a 7 days return period on original artworks from the time the purchaser receiving delivery of the artwork in Australia. Should the purchaser change their mind once they see the artwork in person the purchaser has to email the artist for the request to return the original artwork. 

Shipping in Australia 

Original artworks will come to you in a flat pack if not framed . The artwork will have sheet/s of acid free paper called glassine to cover the artwork and bubble wrap around. 

Hold on to the packing and the wrapping until the 7 days cooling period in case you need it to return the artwork back. 

No reimbursement will be issued if the artwork is not sent back into the original packaging and or if the artwork is damaged. You are required to send photographs of the artwork prior packaging and picture of your packaging is required as well before sending it back. That acts as a protection for you against the transport company.

Packaging shipping and insurance will cost an average of $100.00 and is at no additional cost for Australia wide delivery by courier. 

Shipping Overseas 

Original artworks overseas deliveries demand a seperate quote and insurance the purchaser will be advised of the cost before confirming the purchase it is advised to contact me directly to discuss this process.

 N/B Because of the difference in laws to protect the artist artwork there is no return possible so the packaging will be made in consequence.  So please don't hesitate to send me an email to get more pictures even a video of the preferred artwork.


Please don't hesitate to send me an email to get more pictures even a video of the preferred artwork. The return cost via the same courier as the initial delivery is at the customers cost so please choose carefully. You will have to pay the transport and insurance as per the price of your purchase. 


The reimbursement will be done as the purchase via PayPal once the artwork is received back and it's condition is verified. 

Damaged artworks in transport

An insurance will cover the value of the artwork if the artwork is delivered to you damaged it will be up to the purchaser to follow up on the courier to claim the insurance but I can be of assistance. 


All prices are in Australian dollars $AU and I will only use PayPal which will do the necessary currency exchange if an artwork is purchased in a foreign currency.  All reimbursement will be done via PayPal and in case of arbitration PayPal will be the mean to solve issues. 

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the artist via the website contact form. Thank you to make the choice of an artwork which will keep you company and create conversations and make your imagination dream.