Two major events for me artistically, I got selected by an online gallery in Sydney to be represented by them The Whitfield Collection and finally this group show SHINE LOUD in Brisbane is now happening in August...and the year is not over!...
Dyslexia a neurological disfunction or talent
August 6th 2022, from 2 to 4 pm is the official opening of SHINE LOUD a small group exhibition of people like me who are so called "different" . Art From The Margins Gallery 136 Brunswick st Fortitude Valley, in...
Exhibitions and new presence online
July and August are very busy suddenly two shows one online in Paddington Aspire Gallery large size artworks and one is a group show in Art from The Margins Gallery Fortitude  Valley  and not to forget a new presence on an online...
21st Century Still Life
My search for a representative 21st Century Still Life continues. This time it is with fish that I have managed something a visual poetic imagery. The finished product will be online soon. Figurative expressionism at its best. Watercolour painting fish monger.
I had a nice surprise this week , I found an old painting forgotten in a frame. the artwork is so happy and fresh and technically different as i used watercolour with oil sticks combination. Figurative expressionism painting as its best!...
Fragile equilibrium
Life choices is like being in a labyrinth walking in blind folded .
Music Music
I love music, I love jazz  piano and saxophone and I had the chance to see from close this beautiful instrument. I did lots photographs and drawings let it sleep a while and finally came with something feeling alive. the...
Our winter is brutal this year and there are some magical colours in the sky. Haze of the grey sunless morning by 13C.
Purple omelette
In my quest to refine still life for our 21st century figurative expressionist style her his my first winter piece. Our skies are low dry and cold we eat omelettes more often. Watercolour in purple
Art Blogging
HI, I was visiting a brewery and got taken by the immense vats used and all the piping hosing etc. Great fun which inspired the watercolour sketch. I will develop this basic idea into a figurative expressionism painting.
Technical week
Sorry but I am having some technical problems with my web site
Biblical Rain
We are going to be flooded again in Brisbane and the grey sky is making sad so I created a nice happy figurative expressionist still life to counter act my blues. Who is on a diet...Omelette au beurre original watercolour...
The flow of creativity is back after two full months of rest real first rest in four years. B amazed! 21st Century still life figurative expressionism style by moi.
Exciting new still life
New blue still life composition of corn cobs in figurative expressionism watercolour . I am all excited after 2 months os a dry spell suddenly I am creating this fantastic painting. I am absolutely delighted.
Corn Cob
Small 45X45 cm still life watercolour in figurative expressionism style. I have taken photographs of my burned corn cobs years ago .I  have done a few drawings of them but its the first time that I really do a painting....
Omelete au beurre
Back on track with my beautiful 21St Century Still Life project. "Omelette au beurre" watercolour painting is fresh, it has this old kitchen touch, it is slightly stylish not too much and the egg shells are dancing. Figurative expressionism at...
Homage to William Blake and the Divine Comedy . Pour le plaisir des yeux. Figurative expressionism with a conscience. Watercolour painting
Let go
 Adversity lately has many forms for me. First Omicron has left the exhibition in limbo date wise. Then Brisbane floods has disturbed every bodie's life here including art galleries shows and now someone's lack of professionalism has interfered with the...
Not very enthusiastic  about anything I went to the art meeting on Wednesday happy nevertheless to see my art and collogue friends. I was challenged to create a masterpiece by getting inspired by one of the great masters. I choose a sketch...
Adversity side effects
  Adversity have two effects: 1- depression and  2-stronger determination. Each time I can see we are taking as a collective more time to get back up to start again and I am no different. So I am taking it easy...
Brisbane floods
Black and white drawing figurative expressionist  style.