Commissions are possible but I invite you to consider the following: the purchaser ordering for an artwork from me in painting or sculpture has to understand that it will be in the same style as the rest of my artworks I do only “figurative expressionist” style. 

I will work only in watercolour and although there are other surfaces possible to use for watercolour I find the best practice is on cotton rag Arches paper. Works can be digitally captured and enlarged to create a tapestry, blinds, and even be put on canvas as long as an agreement as been concluded between the purchaser and the artist. 

Time frame for a painting 

For example a painting of 80X60 cm it takes about one month once the basic sketching is done. A budget is presented and a final cost discussed before starting the work. 

For a sculpture it is much more complicated it takes a lot longer to the finish product especially if it is in bronze as there are many steps to the finish product. It involves third parties depending on the quantity size and execution place. 

In clay there is the size and the drying time and the kiln steps depending on the glazing. Sizes are limited by the kiln size and availability. Again it will also depend on a third party element. 

3D printing, is an interesting option and has to be explored as we go depending on the project. It also involves third party and their own schedule. 

N/B Please note I will work with PayPal only as it has good protection for both purchaser and seller and all the prices are in Australian dollars $AU.