A window into the artist's soul ...Artist Visual Diary
Step into the world of the artist's visual diary, a sacred space where creativity flows freely and imagination knows no bounds. This intimate glimpse into the artist's mind unveils a treasure trove of  project evolution, inspiration and the growth of...
Watercolour making
Raw pigment raw joy! Dwelving into the world of watercolour pigment this past weekend. Watercolour flows on paper, creating ethereal washes of colour but we artists too often are not satisfied with the already made colours and compose with what...
Artists reading Life Models bodies
Artist reading body.  I suspect there is a strange twist in the life of this person hiding behind her hair just letting her body being read by the artists.   Your body posture is like a canvas, reflecting your inner thoughts and emotions to the world and...
Pandora Box
Have you ever thought about who you would be if there was no brother to rely on when in trouble, sister to hold you in her arms or babysit for you. No family, emotional link, no labels, no parents to look...
Drawing Drawing Drawing
Ok 'peche mignon' I love drawing and adore life model drawing. I love gestural drawing which means quick 30 seconds to few minutes. No time to think, you have to capture eye to arm to hand to paper rhythm of the...
The shadow of my des pear
pear re... pear, des... pear, im...pear Pears simple fruit and enchanting simultaneously. Delving into shadows once more even pears have secrets. I will craft unique watercolour combinations, likely resulting in a novel still life expressionist style of course. I find...
pair pear impair pear repair pear despair pear
  Pears simple fruit and enchanting simultaneously. Delving into shadows once more to craft unique combinations, likely resulting in a novel still life. I find solace in still life when devoid of social commentary to explore. The act of creation...
Pair Pear Impair Pear Repair Pear Despair Pear
SHADOWS!!!!!  A new concept in my treasure box exploring the shadows. My first study is here I am sharing with you...those pears have more character than the Kardashians. Mixture of academic drawing and modern view in mix media in watercolour...
The body pass 60 years old do not repair as easily as before and genetic is catching up with me but I am apparently doing well so moving on... Challenging myself or returning to old times renewing aspiration to find...
Drawing classes
Finally I am opening my expressionist life drawing class once a month. My first class will be on Saturday May 25th 2:30 pm to 3:30 followed by a life model drawing session of 2 hrs from 3:45 to 5:45 pm at Toombull...
I am a child of the 60's and yes Converse were the shoes. Past or Future! At my age I have very little of that left  but the past is long and outstanding. I never stay in place too long...
come for a fun time art, music and drinks
The need to draw
Keep practicing otherwise you loose it DRAW DRAW DRAW . Draw males, females, skinny ones, thin ones, plain ones, fat ones and obese ones of all colours so my hands don't loose it and argue with my desire to draw.
I am back to square one getting ready to embark onto a new painting adventure with a new work brewing . I might tackle something even more sensitive subject this time almost taboo ...the sexuality of disable.
Figurative expressionist watercolour painting. As we reflect on the journey of a blossoming of a beautiful human, we are reminded of the incredible complexity and beauty of life and the role of resilience
casually spontaneously line drawing 
Boticelli Venus in a masculin version!
Botticelli Venus Daniele way. No not a feminist statement .
Circle of Fire
Figurative expressionist style and watercolour painting. It takes even me by surprise very raw not for everybody but surreal in efficiency .
Circle of fire
First painting of 2024 as a matter of a fact first painting in months because of the hand operation! circle of fire , emotions, masculinity, dreams, ambitions and bitter reality. Figurative expressionism watercolour .
The Kiss
How much our eyes indicate our desire? Why our lips become red and hot? Desire, lust, carnal attraction and passion. Let these impulses invade your body , turn your mind into a sensual mush.  Figurative expressionist rare wood cut limited edition
"Je Djinn"

Rare lino cut black and white limited edition of 4