Life model drawing
Ah! The joy of drawing but I haven't been drawing female model in several months so it's very difficult . Gestural drawing  1 minute drawing in watercolour figurative expressionist style.
Circle of Fire
Figurative expressionist style and watercolour painting. It takes even me by surprise very raw not for everybody but surreal in efficiency .
Circle of fire
First painting of 2024 as a matter of a fact first painting in months because of the hand operation! circle of fire , emotions, masculinity, dreams, ambitions and bitter reality. Figurative expressionism watercolour .
The Kiss
How much our eyes indicate our desire? Why our lips become red and hot? Desire, lust, carnal attraction and passion. Let these impulses invade your body , turn your mind into a sensual mush.  Figurative expressionist rare wood cut limited edition
"Je Djinn"

Rare lino cut black and white limited edition of 4 


Masculine muse
I have started to work on my new body of work on masculinity . Not only a figurative expressionist view but a 2024 new world after Covid and a world of gender identity confusion. Original photograph by D L-Sarvia with the...
Drawing compositions before deciding of a new painting is essential to me. I will draw, paint different versions and then settle for something most likely different than initially thought. that is how an artist let a project take form it is...
Certificate of authenticity
Every time I do a certificate of authenticity for a sale I puts a story with it and often I send an email with one of the sketches pertaining to the creation of the artwork. My clients / collectors find...
Sculpture testimony
Sold sold  One of my most powerful artwork has found a new home. Testimony in bronze of the determination and strength  ."I Don't Care " witness in forms of my life , my travels, my experiences.
Considering portraiture
I haven’t done a portrait since 2012! you guessed it it’s not my favorite but I am good at it so I might give it a go again… figurative expressionism ink black and white original unique work. 
The priviledged of having a muse
Having the luxury to work regularly with the same model who inspires you is a huge privilege. I never dreamed it possible it is almost like the movies about the 19 century French artists we see on tv.  My figurative...
Fresh drawings
She "Miss Mitsou" is sitting on a pile of fresh original drawings, some are still wet. Now I am not aware of a new style called dog input but I might be in luck!  Figurative impressionism improved by dog royalty....
Life drawing composition
Resuming my life drawing activities is so exciting. There is my first original drawing composition figurative expressionist style since the operation of my hand. Graphite, ink and pastels. Regaining my dexterity big time. New original artworks 2023!
First painting since July
I am so happy to have now the capacity to paint again. Figurative expressionism portrait artwork of a young man who is also an artist. Watercolour on arches paper not yet finished.
Starting to work again
How exciting , I am able to work again after months of worries about my dexterity. more creations soon more of my figurative expressionism artworks with a new muse. 
Tempura colours home made
Nearly 6 weeks now since the operation of my hand. I am doing very well and still have to do physio and be careful until Christmas. Will I survive? Home made  tempura colours making!!! Someone gave me some fabulous pigment powder and I...
Mending hand
Still life figurative expressionist style.   In my fourth week of mending this hand and I feel like working. It has been a long journey but it is fixed and rehabilitation is on its way.  News flash! Getting prepared for...
De Quervain
Let's be the artists I am! Soon as in four more weeks I will start to paint again. Meanwhile I do my recovery exercises. I am careful.
Drawing drawing drawing!
Simple b/w line drawing about paternal love.
Multicultural marriage
Ok, I am originally French -Canadian, the father is Indian- Kenyan. We then proceeded to immigrate a few times and along the way got our daughter which is Indian- Australian.   The wedding ceremony this last week was Indian taking...
Gestural portrait
Gestural portrait in ink, figurative expressionism.